OUCH! Was that a contraction?

It wasn’t me, it was my hormones..

Okay, at 39 weeks I am now more eager than ever for our baby to arrive. Any twinge, niggle or braxton hick has me thinking is this it? I lay awake at night eagerly anticipating labor, but to no joy. Baby seems to be on house arrest, refusing to come out and I am becoming irritable and restless, yet very excited at the thought of holding my baby any day.


I was back to the maternity hospital for my 39 week growth scan this afternoon to monitor baby’s growth. Hopeful that all would be well, and we would be left to it, sent on our merry way. I was in for some upsetting news. Baby has grown a mere 100 grams in two weeks and still measuring far too tiny for the time frame we are on. At 39 weeks pregnant, my baby is estimated to size match that of a baby of 33 weeks.

The sonographer had us sent for an assessment where baby had their heart monitored – all perfect, phew! It was decided by the professionals that due to the lack of size increase, I was to be induced on 28.08.17, three days prior to my due date. This news set me off in a hormonal state of tears and upset. I know that I expected this had she not grown, but hearing it aloud was quite daunting. I wanted my labor experience to be exciting and unplanned. I didn’t want my baby’s birthday to be chosen for her. It didn’t seem right to me. Not what nature had intended for but something I hold little choice over.


After a wait at the assessment area, it was then agreed that I would have a membrane sweep to try to increase my chances of a natural labor occurring over the course of the weekend. I can’t say this was very pleasant and I certainly hadn’t prepared myself for this when I had awoken in the morning, but what can you do? I am over being pregnant and just wish to have my baby here, healthy and happy. I suppose my main concern at this stage is her well being. All the checks have been done efficiently on her heart, the cord function, fluid levels checked. There is nothing that shows a cause for concern, minus the size.

Back home now and determined to go it solo. I am going to do what I can to encourage my labor to begin. Walk lots, get my share of pineapple and raspberry leaf tea in. Eat some spicy foods. You name it. Hoping that I can kick start labor without the need for an unnatural induction. I am ready to have my baby here and get to snuggle with her. To hold the tiny hands, tickle those baby feet and watch her as she shines and develops by the day.




It is hard to believe after carrying her for almost ten months that it is time to say goodbye to my bump and hello to baby. Time has flown by and up until week 37, I have had no complaints, pregnancy has been a pretty easy ride and all I have had to complain about is the acne and tiredness.  I will miss not carrying this little one around, the bed time kicks, the butterflies I get in my tummy when she rolls around. t will be tough to say goodbye to pregnancy but I am set for a new chapter and a whole new adventure. To begin life as a little family. My own family. Something which I have always desired since my early teenage years, but never imagined would happen.

For now, I am off to focus on having my baby and focus on her health and welfare. I am going to stock pile myself with raspberry leaf tea, good food and some long walks. I pray that all is well on the inside and she is not under no strain. It doesn’t appear that way and I would like to assume all will be well. My little diva is just going to be a little bit tiny and have some catching up to do. We can work on that though, the main thing is a safe arrival into this new world.





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