A Whole lot of thank you’s. Not enough time.

Instagram – kerennotkaren_

I am getting dizzy with all of these thank you posts! I can’t keep up. I have only just got around to thanking everyone for the well wishes upon arrival of our beautiful baby girl Eleanor and now I am back to it doing the rounds again, only this time celebrating a PROPOSAL. He really picks his moments.


Thank you again to each of you all for the kind words surrounding our baby’s birth and our engagement.  We are all over joyed and full of excitement. It is a bit crazy on our Side.

Definitely a lot going on over here, it’s a good job that I have to be kept busy as I am certainly not shy of tasks to be getting on with.

Don’t worry, there will be no wedding posts any time soon. I don’t know if I will ever find the time to get planning at this rate! For the meantime I am enjoying getting to know my baby girl, Eleanor and learning about her more by the day. We are Going to enjoy this precious time as a family with our baby and take time off to relax together. I can’t handle any more excitement at this moment in time. I am about to burst. Full of love and full of pride. I am truly happy.

Keren x


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