What are YOU reading?

I have always been a big lover of reading, from those bedtime stories and Disney picture books as a child through to Adulthood. There is nothing that can quite compete with the feeling of relaxation when you settle down to begin a new read with a hot cuppa. Could I be more of a cliche?

My mum has always been a big reader and as children she had encouraged myself and my siblings to be well read. This is something that is so important to myself and I will pass onto my children. There is so much knowledge and learning to be taken from books, already, I have began to read to my disinterested and hungry baby girl. Of course, over time this is something that we will interpret into a bed time routine and the sorts, but right now, I grab a book mid nappy change and try to read a few short pages to her before she loses interest and begins to scream out for food.

Reading is all too important and I love to use a book as an escape from reality. I am all for winding down and getting lost into a book, making friends with fiction and taking on a whole new world. I don’t just stop at fiction, I read anything and everything in between. Non-fiction, true crime, biographies, the list goes on. Television doesn’t cut it for me, I get bored too easily but if I have a good book, I am hooked.

Lately, I have began to binge watch far too much day time TV and Netflix, with a baby it is all too convenient. I want to start to take some time back to myself and get into the habit of reading again having missed out on almost six months of no reading. I am out of the loop with what is new or any recent good reads that I may have missed.

I have posted this short blog with the hope of finding some inspiration from others and to find out what everyone else is currently reading or would recommend? I need to stock up on new reading material of any genre to get me through long nights and the Winter months.

22277635_896499070519685_8495359227458486272_n Feel free to comment and share your favourite books with me, help me get some inspiration back and get my nose stuck into something worthwhile! Get sharing!






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