We ordered our rings!

As I previously promised, I would keep you in the loop with wedding planning as I go along. It’s a slow process, mainly we are just working to pay it all off right now so there is little planning to update you with. Sorry to be a bore!


However, as we will be doing our own decor with the reception room and supplying our own home bakes for the cake and favour, when the time comes to share with you my ideas and thoughts on decor, be sure I will share with you. Right now, I’ve just been picking up little bits and bobs and working with suppliers from Etsy to have some custom made designs and decorations.

Don’t you just love Etsy? It’s like a breeding ground for treasure. Old, new, vintage,handmade. I love it and when working in a budget it’s so fab for shopping around and finding independent business to support. In fact, I find that the smaller businesses tend to treat you superb and really take the time to work with you, and achieve a look that you want.

Now that I’ve declared my love of Etsy and hunting bargains old and new, I can confirm that we have ordered our wedding bands from Etsy through a local business who will have these custom made to our size and taste. Don’t think anything too fancy, my band is a very frail, delicate, platinum band. Simple and elegant, and very suited for my personal preference.

Euan has gone with a thicker band and has an inscription that will be complete. I couldn’t have an inscription of the date or the sorts as the band is so thin but it’s exactly what I wanted and I don’t think I will need an inscription to remember our day. I plan to make lasting memories from so much more than my ring.

We went with platinum as my engagement ring is a platinum, diamond band. Anything other than the same metal would tarnish or scratch my ring and I didn’t want for that to happen. I’d have been just as happy with a silver or white good band but I didn’t want to risk the damage to my engagement ring which is my baby. God forbid I ever lose or damage it. Not only would Euan divorce me but I’d be heartbroken.

You see, my engagement ring not only marks our anniversary but also acts as a memoir of the day we registered our Daughters birth, something which can not be replaced. It will always hold a special place in my heart and forever be a part if me. The sentimental value is much too precious.

I can’t wait to receive our wedding bands in a short while, try them out for size and create lasting memories with our made to match his and hers bands from the day we wed. In our short time together, we have worked through so much have more than you can imagine. From our own health battles, to moving in together after just a few months of beginning our relationship, travelling around the Globe as much as we could, flying over the Grand Canyon on Valentines day 2017, to having a baby and becoming parents just one year on. Boy, there is no rest for the wicked.


We met several years before we got together, it was my birthday and Euan was on his brothers stag night out. We exchanged numbers (I think) after a short time together during the night, I am led to believe Euan spent the best part of his night out acting as a support to keep me upright. The night is hazy in my memory, it was filled with alcohol and bad decisions.

However,  you could argue it was the night that changed my life,for the better. Only I wasn’t yet aware of the significance that one night out would have on my whole life. I met my soul mate that night, by change so be it and I will be forever grateful.

On many occasions since that night Euan would ask to hang out and suggest getting together to spend some time…I was stubborn and didn’t really give the chance of a relationship.

Not until many years later when I finally gave in and went on a date for coffee and cake with Euan. After he dropped me back home later that afternoon, I was walking with my dog and I just knew that one day, we would be married. I can’t explain the feeling but it just felt right, now here I am. Blogging about our family life we have built and chatting marriage with you all. Who’d have known?


I have no idea what is to come next or what married life will bring but I look forward to moving onwards with the next chapter, side by side with my best friend and partner in crime. I’ve never known of anyone to be so supportive of my hopes and my goals nor to read off the same hymn sheet.

Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments. We love, we bicker, we row, we get upset but we always resolve issues and there’s never a time we don’t admit defeat, kiss and make up. I can’t wait to be married to the Father of my Daughter and to all share the family name and expand our family with time. For now, I’m just enjoying the time we spend together, focusing on the three of us and taking each day as it comes. The three best friends anyone could have.

Keren x

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