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For Heavens scent: The five scents I’m wearing right now.

A little out of my usual blogging style, I’ve branched out and went for a little light reading to share. I hope you don’t mind, taking a little break from baby talk and parenting woes right now. Why? Well, because things are good and I don’t want to risk jinxing that and suffering a bad night of teething pains. I’ve come to like sleep.

To keep it light and easy to read, I’ve decided to share my five favourite scents right now, the go to perfumes I use daily and the perfumes which I hold close for a special occasion, using only on a big day. Here goes, I hope you enjoy.  First up on the list..


Miu Miu:

Gifted by Euan on his trip from Malaysia, it holds a special place in my heart. My weekend scent, a little spicy and brings a sense of night fever with it. A scent that would suit a fancy restaurant, a classy establishment, a scent I wear to go a walk with the dog on a Sunday (fancy doesn’t work for me). Regardless of how and when you wear it, it’s a sexy and spicy scent that stays put. A wee scoosj and you are good to go from morning to night. I love it.

Chanel No. 5 :

This needs no introduction, a cult classic that has been worn through the ages and screams femininity. I find this smell romantic and I like the scent it leaves behind in your skin at the end of a busy day. Faint but powerful,it never brings a bad day. I use this for special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, family events.

Some days, If I feel a little flirty, event or not, I’ll give myself a wee spray, throw on a pretty dress and suddenly I’m Marlyin Monroe.

La Vie Est La Belle


Ah Lancome, always deliver a beautiful scent. Girly, sweet and oh so floral. Always a treat and my daily go to. I love this scent, I’m on my second bottle, close to beginning a third. I find this smell just reminds me of a candy shop, sweet and strong. It hits you right away and leaves a lasting impression through the day. A scent that makes me happy.

With a bottle almost as sweet as the smell, it’s hard not to resist. Next time you pass the perfume counter, I dare you to take a sniff. You won’t be disappointed and may leave with a lighter purse.

Stella McCartney:

POP by Stella is absolutely delightful. I was gifted this by my Mother for Christmas and adore it. Each year, Mum gets my sister and I to choose a perfume for Christmas, 2017 I chose POP.

Sweet, feminine and simply delicious, it really is good enough to eat. I dabble with this from day to day, I like to use a few scooshes a time as it’s just so yummy. The smell is light and floaty but stays put for the whole day. Even when faded it still smells lovely. A light and delightful scent for those Summer days exploring in the sunshine.

The bottle is also quite funky and the campaign for this was full of all things pretty and pink. Really glad that I got on board with the brand and gave POP a whirl. It unleashes my girly side each time I wear it.

Marc Jacobs:


Twinkle – one of the latest editions of the daisy brand that Jacobs have been committed to for years. I am avid fan of the whole range and have been through more Daisy than I can remember.

Working through the new and improved Dasiy for years, the Summer editions and the limited editions. I think that my love of High fashion perfume began with a variation of Daisy and I’m sure I’ve lost more pay cheques than I’d care to admit to the perfume counter in Debenhams.

Anyway, this one is special and still boxed. It will remain so until my Wedding day as its so special to me. The purple bottle immediately caught my eye and from the first test smell I was, I am, hooked. Exactly like childhood sweets, parmaviolets. This sent is both nostalgic and delicious, I seriously can’t get enough.

I had thought my Daisy days were over but here we are, Marc Jacobs have done it again and caught my breath with the delicious smells they create. My Wedding day can’t come soon enough, I will walk down the aisle of the registrant feeling like a wee dream with this smell glued to my skin. A keeper and a go to for years to come. Thank you Marc.

Do you have a favourite scent? A smell that takes your mood to an instant high? I hope you enjoyed this wee read, I thought that a little light reading mixed in with all the heavy stuff and the emotional issues can be a breath of fresh air. Don’t you think?

Keren x

Ineffabless jewellery. A sneak peak and review of my recent service.


Hi guys, I’ve completed a short post with a review of a site I have experienced service from lately. I have chosen to share this

Ineffabless jewellery was a company I found through my daily browsing of Instagram. I decided to check them out, I’m a big lover of accessories, especially when it comes to an intricate necklace, something which they have plenty of to offer. Each piece on site is so individual. It is almost impossible to browse and leave empty handed.

The site they lead is full to the brim of beautiful pieces with every item of jewellery you could ever need. Earrings rings, necklaces. You name it, they have it. I love it.

The collection is so versatile and there is something to suit a wide variety of age taste and occasions. From sterling silver to rose gold, simple designs through to more flamboyant and colourful jewellery. The choices are endless.

It was hard to choose just one item,  I went with an angel heart and wings rose gold necklace. The delivery was fast and the service was superb. Ineffable kept in touch with myself throughout the delivery process and checked I was happy with the product afterwards. I could happily have every item from the collection and will be ordering again. After all, Christmas is creeping up.

Here, I have added some useful URL links that may just help you find something you are looking for, such as that perfect silver necklace or earring set;

Silver jewellery UK  https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/necklaces.html

Silver necklaces UK  https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/necklaces.html

See below for a few images. I love my necklace and have been wearing it as a key piece and part of my everyday uniform. It’s too easy to wear. Much if the range of their jewellery will go with any outfit. It’s so easy to pull off and gives a little sparkle at the same time. What more can a girl want?!




Psst..check them out on their website of you haven’t already – http://www.ineffabless.com/

silver jewelry UK – https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/necklaces.html
silver necklaces uk https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/necklaces.html

For Instagram search ineffabless jewelry.

Happy browsing, lots of love  x.